Product Specs

1-Non-Binding Welt Top

Non-binding welt top keeps sock up without being too tight around the leg

2-Size and Style Name

Size and style name knit inside cuff so you can keep socks properly paired up

3-Exceptional Cross Stretch

Exceptional cross stretch hugs the body without impairing circulation and comfortably wraps you in luxurious point6 merino wool

4-Ankle Brace

Ankle brace keeps sock snug around ankle area and prevents sagging

5-Ventilation Panels

Ventilation panels facilitate breathability and streamline fit

6-Deep Heel Pocket

Deep heel pocket creates anatomical fit around heel, prevents slippage and movement around the heel


Reinforcement in wear areas for abrasion resistance and greater durability

8-Arch Support

Arch support keeps sock snug across instep

9-Sport Specific Cushioning

Sport-specific cushioning is designed for each activity. Terry loop cushion retains its resilience and will not pack out like cotton or synthetic fibres

10-Ultra Smooth Toe Seam

has no lumps or extra fabric to irritate the toes. Tapered toe box anatomically hugs the foot.



Ultra-Light: Our thinnest sock option for streamlined performance Extra-Light: A thinner layer of cushioning underneath the foot Light: Standard weight cushioning underneath the foot for comfort
Medium: Standard weight cushioning surrounds entire foot and leg of the sock Heavy: Heavier cushioning surrounds entire foot and leg of the sock Extra Heavy: Our thickest cushioning option surrounds entire foot and leg of the sock